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Patrick KiharaHey there,

My name is Patrick Kihara, and I want to help you succeed online. Just like so many other people (you included), I started online with zero knowledge of how to make money online.

I just knew that I needed to make money online.

I was fresh out of college, unemployed and with no prospects of getting employed any time soon.

I had failed my exams dramatically. My degree certificate was a disgrace to my mom who had worked tremendously hard to pay for my college education.

With my hopes of landing a respectable job completely dashed, I started fumbling for ways I could use to make money online.

Back then, the greatest obstacle to making money online was the number of scams that promised y0u heaven but gave you something totally different.

I lost money at first. A great good deal of it.

It took me a good three months before I made my first dollar online. It took me another two years before I really mastered how to make money online.

Looking back, I wish I would have had a mentor to hold my hand and show me through all the various loopholes. Things would have been much easier.Blogscheme-Online-Jobs-Mentorship-Program

If you are reading this, you are probably just like I was 4 years ago. You have the burning desire to make money online, but you are not sure where to begin. Maybe you’ve made a few dollars here and there, but you’d like something better.

I’d like to welcome you to the Blogscheme Mentorship Program. Through the Mentorship Program, I seek to help people like you make the best out of their time on the internet.

My mentorship programme will accord you with 3 crucial things:

  • I will help you start your first money-making blog for free
  • I will teach you all the little technical details about blogging
  • I will help you grow and monetize your blog. I will hold your hand, steer you in the right direction and make sure that you are making the kind of money that I make blogging

I will show you how I transformed myself from a near desperate college leaver into an instant internet success story.

I work from the comfort of my house. I live anywhere that I want. Today I am in Mombasa. Tomorrow I might be in Abu Dhabi. And the day after tomorrow, who knows?

The best of it all is that I am able to spend quality time with my family and provide them with every single thing they desire.

You Can Also Do It!

make money blogging in Kenya

I want to help as many people in Kenya as I possibly can make money blogging. It is an incredible venture that allows you to live the kind of lifestyle that you have always desired and provide your family with the kind of life that they deserve.

In a nutshell, if you want to make money blogging but don’t know how to do it, I want to help you through the whole process. However, I do not stop there. I will also give you access to all other ways that I use to make money online!

95% of new bloggers fail before they have even started. I also almost failed. Luckily, my persistence, hard work and determination kept me going and I am now making the type of money that I had always dreamed of making.

I found an incredible strategy that makes me money blogging, and I have duplicated it in several niches.

However, it is not just me that is making money blogging. New internet millionaires are born every single day. They know and understand the power of blogging. They know the importance of finding and sticking to a strategy that actually works, which is what my training program is all about.

1 Year from Now, You’ll Wish That You Had Started Today

start a blog and make money bloggingSmall opportunities are usually the beginning of great enterprises.

This could be your only chance to start with one blog and build a great online empire.

Don’t make the same mistake that I see a lot of people making. Procrastination.

If you have ever wanted to make money online. If you have the burning urge to provide your family with the kind of life that they deserve, your only chance lies in starting a blog that makes you money even as you sleep.

Right now, I have a lot of websites that I do not even touch, yet they keep bringing in more money month after month. I have affiliates marketing my products and I hire Virtual Assistants (VA) working for me. The only thing that I ever have to do is lay down more and more strategies to expand my online empire.

You too can make money in your sleep. You can start with just that one blog today, and with discipline, hard work and determination, you can build an incredible online empire. You do not have to be a computer wiz or geek. I studied journalism in campus and the first time that I touched a computer, I was well over 20 years old.

You Need a Blog to Make it Online

A lot of people who come across this page ask me one question:

Why do I need to start a blog? Why can’t you just give me an online job?


I believe in creating the future.

I believe in empowering you to take control of your own income, and I won’t lie to you. If you want to work online and never look back to the dreaded pursuit of employment, you need a blog.

My comfortable online lifestyle began the moment I started my first blog. One year down the road, my monthly online income had become 9 times more than what I was earning as a Freelance writer in iWriter and other shady content mills!

In one crazy scenario, I launched a brand new blog and one week later I had made sales totaling to $723!

I was able to quit freelancing and live entirely on the income that I make blogging.

In this mentorship programme, I will show you the exact strategies that I use to make money online without working for anyone, online or offline!

So, What’s the Catch?

I am glad you asked.

You’ve probably been to some other places where they promise to give you ‘online jobs’ but they end up charging you monthly fees and asking you to refer more and more people to their dubious schemes in order to keep earning.

This is not such kind of a thing. I actually do not charge for any training I provide through this mentorship program (note that if you are purchasing individuals courses that are available here, you will have to pay $9.99 for each one of them).

The only money that you pay in the mentorship program caters for your web hosting account and your domain name, the two things that you must absolutely have to start a professional blog. (if you need any clarification on these call me on 0710251380)

85% of all my income is made through blogging. I preach what I live. I pay my bills and live the kind of lifestyle that I always desired simply from writing, posting and understanding how to monetize my blogs.

Join my mentorship program, and enjoy learning from the one person who really cares about your success!

make money blogging in Kenya